tropical summer fruits

the only good thing about el nino is that the fruits this summer (yeah, if you care to remember we have two seasons here, wet and dry :P) are extra sweet. there hadn’t been any rains to dilute their flavors. this is especially true about the duhats in our backyard. last year it was almost tasteless. this year, it’s the hit of the town. the fruits are so plump and sweet. friends and family literally knock on our gates or call on the phone to request for more. (as you know, here in the province, one’s tree is everybody’s tree. talk about community sharing).

well, for those on the other side of the lake, i just wanted to show you some of the goodies you’re missing. you have the right to be envious 😛

(duhat: best eaten sprinkled with rock salt as it brings out more of the sweetness)

(siniguelas: the skin turns purplish green as it matures)

(Philippine mangoes: the sweetest in the world. ’nuff said)

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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    ooooh, i miss these fruits. i can't find a decent mango here (unless i go to the fil-am store in jersey city.) my dad once bought a box of yellow mangoes, about a dozen, for more than $20! mangoes! fruits i used to just pick off a tree in my uncle's backyard!

    and i already told you how much i miss my duhats, but not the big ants that go with them 😛


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ants. always a good sign of a sweet harvest 😛


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