$90 for a bakya?!?!

You know, years ago when flip-flops became the hottest trend in footwear, I started laughing at the ridiculous prices. Remember our BeachWalks? (“Marupok ka!” Or were those Spartans?)

This morning, I opened an e-mail from Nine West about the latest trend and I find bakyas (wooden clogs, for those who might come across our blog and don’t know Filipino). Seriously?!?! They’re selling them for up to $100. Could you just send me some from the market in Guagua? πŸ˜›


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. send me the $100 and be ready for a crateful of clogs from the guagua market. ha.ha.

    speaking of spartan, amazing that you remember that commercial about one's love as fickle as spartan (“marupok ka”) ha.ha. when we were kids, my pair always lasted me only a few months because aside from supporting my weight (yes, i was also a fat kid, and flat-footed at that), the “tsinelas” was also a toy (for tumbang preso, and for sipa).


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    my own tsinelas always become misshapen after a few weeks because of play, too. i doubt you ever played “bending” but you're familiar with it, right? man, was i limber then! now, i can barely do the downward-facing dog in yoga πŸ˜›


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