singing off-key and loving it

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i don’t know if you know this about me (can’t really imagine how you might have missed this) … i love singing. i sing when i cook. i sing when i wash the dishes. i sing when i clean around the house.

i don’t know if you know this about me … i’m sintunado. very sintunado. i try not to let people in on that fact. that’s why i avoid karaoke like a vampire terrified of sunlight. (of course, with the help of a few tumblers of mojito, i can be occasionally persuaded — in filipino company — to do a rendition of joey albert’s “remember the boy.”)

anyway, i recently found this great website that allows me to indulge in this favorite pastime. it’s great (provided i don’t forget myself and raise my voice enough to alert the neighbors and the dogs across the street) … gives you feedback, gives you scores. apparently, i do madonna’s “frozen” quite well, enough for “lead singer” status, he he he … but only do lady gaga’s “poker face” like an “amateur.” anyway, that’s what i’ve been doing as i wait for the yankees/red sox game to start 😛


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. why am i not surprised you're sintunado? 😀 but i'm not surprised you like singing. hell, you just changed citizenship, you didn't have a total blood transfusion. you're filipino. and we're the best singers in the world, sintunado or otherwise! 😀

    when you get home let's do that first. let's just make sure we keep the mic away from J. he.he. she'll hog it for sure 😀


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    hey! why aren't you surprised about me being sintunado?!?! you haven't really heard me sing (have you?!?!) my poor mom, when we're at church, she gets blasted from both sides by me and dad 😛 she actually has a pretty nice voice.

    did you read that ny times story about karaoke bars in the philippines taking out frank sinatra's “my way” from their lineups because of the violence it generates? they actually suspect it was the spark in a half-dozen so called “karaoke murders,” LOL!

    so, do you guys do karaoke? i don't think i remember hearing j sing karaoke; i do have fond memories of her singing with a hairbrush in front of the closet mirror at sampaguita 😛


  3. Betis Boy says:

    the term here is videoke. and yes, the suicide song in the philippines is “my way”. if you want to speed up your march into the great white way, sing my way in a karaoke joint, where most of the customers are appropriately inebriated. not a good formula for long life 😀

    in P's parties he always sets up a vidoeke machine. and yes, i think J likes to sing 😀 and A/F too. but even without a mic we know that A/F likes singing 😀 ha.ha.

    i don't know, you just look… sintunado 😛


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    thanks, pal! it's one thing for me to admit being sintunadok, but it's another for you to say i “look” it 😛 BTW, took me a minute to figure out who A/F is. the single-letter name references can be a bit confusing sometimes.


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