not always men in tights

Russell Crowe, second from left, stars in “Robin Hood.”

russell crowe is playing robin hood in a movie simply titled “robin hood” (yeah, no wimpy extra titles such as “prince of thieves” for “gladiator” guy). does the world really need another incarnation of sherwood forest’s favorite son? most likely not. when i plugged in “robin hood” in IMDB, i got 23 exact title matches. 23! that’s movies and TV shows. and i’ve seen a good chunk of those, actually (i even own an obscure ’80s version on DVD). so will i watch the scruffy aussie take his turn as the english icon of archery? hell yeah!


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    when i watch movies set in medieval times. a thought always crosses my mind: how badly would the characters have smelled in real life? 😀 royals and townsfolk alike 😛


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