wang wang

speaking of people that make you go grrr. you know that one reason i quit my job in the city was i couldn’t stand the traffic. and manila traffic is the worst in the world (ok, maybe next to jakarta’s and bangkok’s). bus drivers here are notorious for their lack of courtesy, consideration, and comprehension of traffic rules and regulations. but this post is not about them. let’s reserve that rant for later.

apparently, road stupidity is not the only the realm of city dwellers. i was driving home a few nights ago, about to make a left turn so my signal light was on when this fast-driving SUV with blaring headlights (illegal halogen headlights btw) and kept flashing them at me. it wasn’t a single-lane road so i wondered why he didn’t simply use the other lane. and the road had clear left turn arrows a good 50 meters back.

i’m not sure why he felt important (mostly VIPs use those big black SUVs here). maybe his relative’s neighbor’s dog-walker just won in the recent elections? but I couldn’t quite get it because he didn’t have a police escort nor a wang wang (siren) which is typical of most politicians here. you know what i did? i didn’t budge. in fact, i deliberately slowed down. heck, i didn’t care if he drew out his gun and shot at me. i’d rather be shot than pushed around by that megalomaniac. my taxes paid for that road so he can’t push me off it.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    y'know, he probably could have pushed you off the road, if you're talking about those humongous, lane-hogging military tanks masquerading as civilian transport 😛 seriously though, i'm totally familiar with the kind of bully driver you're describing. when i was still commuting to work from old place, i used to have to deal with them on the highways all the time.

    and it's not just the ones with the big cars. one night, i was doing 5 miles above the speed limit on the right (slow) lane when this sedan came barreling out an exit, almost slamming into me because it tried to change lanes right away. so i speeded up and it fell behind me. then it started tail-gating me. ON A 3-LANE HIGHWAY! i thought maybe it needed to get to the next exit, which was a half-mile away. but no, this guy (i saw him later) rode my car's ass for about 30 miles. like you, i refused to move. i liked the right lane (no ruts, no potholes) and i was comfortable with my speed, darn it! besides, if i moved to the other lanes, i'd be forced to keep up with the folks who consider the highway their personal autobahn.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. he could have pushed me off the road and i still couldn't care. i could take that. i wouldn't have forgiven myself if i budged. crazy and dangerous, i know. especially here. but there are things you can give up and things you never don't.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    that's crazy talk! i know it's the principle of the thing but really? knowing how crazy and dangerous some people (especially those with political power or think they have access to political power) there are, you wouldn't have budged if the person came out of his big-ass car with a gun?!?! you would have been OK dying?

    if my crazy driver had made any more threatening moves beyond staying barely 2 feet behind my bumper, i would have fled the lane … but i would have also been on my cell calling 911 inside of 2 seconds and giving the police the plate number.


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