raw crab roe

i almost died laughing because i had to post my planned entry about crabs above your post on pubic hair below. LOL!

anyway, over to gustatory items :)the talangkas are out! sorry, what’s talangka in english? (crablets, maybe?).

so my mom found some from the market a few days ago and they were cooked in salt as we like them here. perfect with hot rice and a dipping of calamansi (philippine lime) to cut through the richness of the roe. your hands will stink afterwards (because as you know there’s no other way to eat this except with bare hands) but i’ve got the solution for that — rinse with the leftover juice from the calamansi. did i say yum! 🙂 yum!


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    maaaaaan, you're making my mouth water. burung talangka is one of my absolute favorite foods in the world. you have to have a “strong” stomach though, or else you'll pay the consequences quite dearly 😛 i used to be able to eat more than a dozen in one seating; i wonder if i could still do that. if i don't have calamansi, aslam sasa also works, but you're right, the calamansi dip is the first choice.

    i've had tabang talangka when relatives send us some, but i really miss burung talangka. my grandmother and i bonded over the crabs (mini-crabs? crablets?). after my mom salted them and putted them away, we literally counted the hours until we could open up the container and start pigging out, LOL!


  2. Betis Boy says:

    wapin ne. itang anticipation when they're “ready” kills. it was also my lola (who else but our lolas) who introduced me to this dish.

    ha.ha. i know about the stomach thing. one of the most embarassing moments in my life happened courtesy of a bad talangka. so back in college i was back to diliman on a non-aircon bus (thankfully) and my stomach rumbled, such that i had to get off somewhere in malolos, go to a store, and the first thing i asked for was the restroom. buti namu ali ya keng highway ing bus, otherwise, woe to the other passengers. ha.ha.


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