the beautiful game

for some weird reason this year i’ve been bitten by the football bug. yeah, you may call it soccer but the rest of the world calls it football, because unlike its american pretender, in this game they actually use the foot to kick the ball 🙂

when i was in germany quite a few years back, i witnessed for myself how crazy the europeans (and my latin, african and asian classmates) were with this game. the european championships were being played and germany was a contender… and i would laugh at the stillness of the whole dormitory compound, and then the eruption of communal shouts of joy or despair if the german team was able to score (or not). then the school gave us free tickets to watch a german league (bundesliga) game but i spent spent the 90 minutes or so actually bored because not a single goal was scored. good thing there’s always good beer and sausages in these games 🙂

i totally ignored the last world cup in 2006 held in germany. but i was still working then and totally ignored almost everything. but now that i have the time to enjoy life’s small pleasures, i’m enjoying life’s beautiful game as well. since we’re ahead by about 6 hours, we get the games quite late at night. sometimes i think i wake the whole neighborhood up (and you know how quiet it is in these parts) when i whoop it up when a goal is scored, or when a good game is played.

they say filipinos who follow football are either rich or pretentious. i’m neither. let’s just say i’ve sort of figured it out. i still don’t get basketball, much less baseball (he.he.) but this game i get.

a friend got me a german flag from her recent trip to europe. now it’s being put to good use 🙂 if germany wins, i’ll go around in my car with it 😀


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wah! i think i jinxed them 😦


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    you totally did … with that line about driving around with a german flag in your car, he he he. so, who are you rooting for in the championship? i'm gonna have to go with spain since there's a drop of that in the old bloodline.

    i couldn't get into the world cup. maybe because my attention is already focused on baseball? 😛 but i do like soccer (yes, yes, it's called football by the rest of the world; i'll call it that when i'm in europe, but here in the u.s. IT IS SOCCER). i played the game, you know? it's great exercise (have to see if there's a female, adult league in this area). there's even a photo of me somewhere on the internet as a goalie 🙂


  3. Betis Boy says:

    seriously, i haven't seen that photo. send it to me 🙂 i'm rooting for the netherlands, since it was spain that sent the germans out of contention. spiteful. ha.ha.


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    HA HA HA! that's how we pick who we root for during the world series (baseball).

    and NO, i'm not going to send you a copy of that soccer photo, LOL! i was new to the game and i wasn't really trying to deflect the ball as much as trying to make sure it didn't hit me in the face 😛


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