Easy-peasy lumpiang Shanghai

I love lumpiang Shanghai. One of the easiest, cheapest things to make. I can make a batch, put them in the fridge, freeze them and then take them out whenever I feel like it. I think I’ve had a batch last as long as three weeks 🙂 The crunchy rolls are perfect with salads or just as finger food with a spicy sweet-and-sour dip.

Anyway, i made some tonight and plan to bring them to NJ for my parents this weekend. Of course, I had to fry some and “test” them 🙂

I make mine with ground pork, green onions, shredded carrots, egg, salt and pepper. I mix everything by hand because according to my Apu, it doesn’t taste good if you don’t use your hands. Sometimes, I add a sliver or two of water chestnuts when I’m just about to roll them.

Updated to add link to recipe (12/29/2016): Lumpiang Shanghai


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow. i love lumpiang shanghai too. it can be both fiesta and “ordinary” food. sometimes i have it with ketchup (it has to be the UFC brand) or the sweet-sour sauce made from flour, vinegar (sometimes pineapple juice) and sugar.

    my mom likes putting singkamas (turnips) into the mix, for added moisture and crunch. she also puts in kinchay for flavor (though i'm not a fan of that, since it tends to overwhelm the dish). the only problem with this dish is it doesn't keep well, meaning you have to eat it straight from the pan.


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