langka nangka

do you get fresh langka there? i think it’s already preserved in syrup or frozen, right? since we have langka trees in the backyard, we’ve always eaten langka raw, in its natural sweetness. then my mom boiled the seeds, drizzled some rock salt on them and pronto, giant “peanuts”! he.he.

i like preserved langka as well… of course in halo-halo, sometimes with nata-de-coco, and best of all, with milk gelatin that my lola used to make. it’s a poor man’s leche flan (with gelatin instead of eggs, and with sago pearls also). the silkiness of the flan goes well with the chewy texture of the sweet langka and the sago. yum!


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    haven't seen fresh langka here, all preserved (i actually just bought some because i was planning to make halo-halo; now i'm thinking of making your milk gelatin, LOL!). well, maybe they have some fresh ones in chinatown. but i never knew that about the seeds, though … i don't think i've ever had them. do you have to crack them open? what do they taste like?


  2. Betis Boy says:

    nope, they have thin skin so you just have to peel them off after you boil them. you've tasted kamansi right? the seeds look like that but the flavor is closer to those of peanuts.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    oh, my mom wanted me to warn you — apparently, too much of the langka seeds could be bad for you. she said they'll make you woozy. i asked but she can't explain why, just that it's something she remembered. … and i'm not sure i've tasted kamansi. i know what it is, but i don't think i've had it. or, i've had it and hated it so i've forgotten about it 😛


  4. Betis Boy says:

    ha? you're missing a lot. kamansi is one of my favorite vegetable dishes. (or fruit served as a vegetable). hmm. about the langka, i've never felt woozy. maybe because i've never had more than 5 in one sitting.


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