cardiac delight …

chicharon from galan with achara on the side

or as kapampangans call them, provincial favorites 🙂

so i’ve been telling you all about the chicharon (pork rinds) and achara and tabang talangka (crab roe) my parents took back with them from the philippines. i’ve been trying to keep myself from inhaling the food. i’m trying to make them last.

not having a lot of luck with the tabang talangka, though. i’m like a pregnant woman craving it. i’m putting it on everything — on crackers, on rice, on chicharon! i tried putting it on pasta like you suggested but i didn’t like that very much (i did still finish the dish; no sense in letting the noodles AND the talangka go to waste).

they do sell pork rinds here, but it’s nothing like the chicharon from guagua (especially the ones made by the galans). it’s just the rind with a lot of bubbles. when it’s the solidified, fried fat that really gives it the oomph, HA HA HA!


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    so do you still have some of your loot in the ref? 🙂 pace yourself, dear. 🙂 but i totally understand. a few weeks ago we got two bottles of burong talangka from a friend and we literally breathed it in 🙂 usually there are items that are ignored in the ref. these weren't one of them 🙂


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    well, i put my tabang talangka in the freezer so it's a little hard (literally) to get to — that's a deterrent of sorts, HA HA HA. seriously though, i AM trying to pace myself by hiding the food in the back of the refrigerator. also, am doing salads at work so at least part of the day i'm eating “healthful” meals.

    but i dream of burung talangka and chicharon at night 😛


  3. Cala says:

    Very curious about Galan's chicharon – would you mind telling me why you regard it so highly as compared to other places that sell chicharon? What makes it so special? Thanks 🙂


  4. Betis Boy says:

    Hi Cala, you know about that chicharon that is so puffy it might as well be air? Galan is not that kind of chicharon. It's as closest as to fried pork as you can get — a thick layer of crunchy skin, (don't squirm) a thick layer of fat that it might as well be butter, and a thick layer of meat. sometimes you'll wonder if you're eating chicharon or lechon kawali instead 😀


  5. Guagua Girl says:

    hey cala, thanks for visiting the blog! i grew up on galan chicharon so i'm totally biased 😉 in addition to what Betis Boy already wrote, here's what i love about their chicharon. it's almost always evenly fried. you know how sometimes you get chewy parts in a chicharon? that's because those parts weren't totally cooked. you don't get that in the galan chicharon. also, they always taste “fresh,” meaning you never get that “old” oil aftertaste.

    i haven't been home in more than a decade, though. so there may very well be other places in pampanga that sell even better chicharon. but my family swears by the galans 🙂


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