global domination

my nephew’s quarterly tests in school are up this week so he had been reviewing (rather, forced to review) these past days. i overheard him and his dad talk about the definition of “globe” (which to a third grader nowadays apparently should be, “a spherical body serving as a representation of the earth, usually in the form of a hollow ball”). then i realized that the globes of our youth (remember the plastic ones, and the inflatable ones?) and the globes of today (usually paper/metal) are so different from the globes of long ago. not just in the geopolitical divisions on the surface, but in scale and material used.

i remember being amazed by the biggest globe i’ve seen (the one in mall of asia doesn’t count, he.he.) oddly enough, it was in the bedroom (at the foot of the bed)and not in the study of king louis xiv in the palace of versailles. when i saw this i was convinced that these royals slept with and dreamt of the everpresent need for power and the overarching ambition for world domination. notice the retractable crust, showing the earth’s mantle and minerals, and you wonder why that is so, given that it predated the industrial revolution (by a few decades). maybe they just assumed everything underneath was gold or coal, since a full-blown geological assessment was not yet possible at that time. either that or they wanted to find out hell’s location so they could conquer and loot it as well. i wonder if this blasted artifact will make for a good totem 😀


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    i just realized that the “mantle” inside the globe seems to be the continental and tectonic plates. again, i might be wrong (again!). i wonder how they could they could have determined that given the lack of sonar technology during that time.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    maybe instead of counting sheep to go to sleep he counted the french colonies … don't remember seeing that at versailles. but then again, i was more fascinated with marie antoinette's boudoir … and the fact imelda marcos' old bedroom in malacañang resembled it. talk about delusions of grandeur.


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