live blogging: ‘miss universe 2010’ pageant

11 — results “almost official” according to host natalie morales. brett michaels ended up being an OK host. he stopped saying “are you ready to rock” halfway through the program.

4th runner-up is philippines: expected that after the lousy question. 3rd runner-up is ukraine. 2nd runner-up is australia, leaving jamaica and mexico … i’m going with mexico. AND THE WINNER IS …

HA HA HA first runner-up is jamaica, so IT IS MEXICO!!!!

10:53 — contestants are doing their final walks in evening gown … if philippines doesn’t win, well, at least she had a good run 🙂 she’s got great support anyway, half of the country seems to be in vegas.

10:44 —  philippines up for the question now: william baldwin is asking: what is one big mistake that you’ve done and what did you do to make it right. pfft, lousy question. i mean, what’s she going to say … well, below is her answer, kinda paraphrased: in my 22 years of existence (god, who speaks like that?), there’s nothing major, major (that’s filipino style right there) bad that i’ve done …. goes on to say something about having the support of her family. lousy question gets a lousy answer.

10:39 — the top five are — mexico, australia, jamaica … uh oh … ukraine. is this is it for the philippines?!?! OH MY GOD, YES! philippines gets the last spot!

10:33 — miss congeniality is SANDRA … ok, ok … it’s australia! miss photogenic is … viewers voted for this … thailand? favorite national costume … again, thailand. hmmm, interesting.

oh god, now we’re getting a styling tip for curls.

10:31 — aaaaaaand more on the entertainment offered by MGM and other hotels on the strip. makes sense. trump has to make his money, right? oh wait, i think i wanna see “viva elvis!” it’s cirque du soleil set to the king’s tunes.

10:26 — i don’t remember the old shows offering hairstyling tips. they’re really pushing this chi product.

10:17 —  john legend and the roots crew serenading the contestants and accompanying them for the evening gown competition. the ladies are all just walking around john legend and posing. weird.

ireland’s gown is a silver, glittery one shoulder. looks great, but nothing stunning. albania is wearing a white dress that looks like the tela panyo we use for the embutido.eek, i don’t like the silver gown philippines is wearing. what’s with the huge ribbon? jamaica is wearing a blue gown. kinda looks cheap. problem with the color, not the cut. mexico is wearing red and again, what’s with the one shoulder. she looks stunning, though.

ukraine is wearing something white and gold, nice, but not a standout. puerto rico is wearing foil. kidding, but it does look like it. south africa is wearing a midnight blue thing with tulle at and an asymmetrical helm. don’t like it. guatemala is wearing a slinky, figure hugger with a high collar that frames her boob quite nicely. australia is wearing a silver/gold gown, which i THINK miley cyrus actually wore to the oscars. i’m serious! so, mostly everybody wore silver or gold or a combination of the two. i guess, the color scheme works better with the crown?

10:12 — i just realized, the u.s. doesn’t have a finalist. wow! anyway, evening gown competition is next. i wonder “who” venus raj is wearing. pitoy moreno? rene salud? 😛

10:10 —  ahh, i missed ukraine.

10:06 — top 10 … random order … starts with ireland. good lord, she’s only 19. next is albania. describes self as spiritual.


jamaica. then mexico. loves watching sunsets. good lord, they actually put that in their applications? puerto rico is called. loves painting and poetry. south africa is next. she plays the drums, which i think kinda rocks. guatamela is No. 9. last person is australia!

hmmm, i missed somebody.

10:03 — commercials are over.  … my bad, we’re getting a tour of the pools on the strip. have to say, i wanna see vegas. never been there. hope the invite from war is still good 😛

9:52 — yikes! they’re making them dance … to an elvis presley song. puerto rico is gorgeous. ukraine doesn’t look very comfortable. mexico reminds of that girl from “that ’70s show.” belgium probably not a runway model. she looks awkward walking. yowza, ireland looks like angelina jolie! south africa is  …. OK. france … reminds me of miley cyrus. weird. and so does australia.

man, these girls are gorgeous! and sooooo young. OH GOD, they now have dancers/elvis impersonators. boooo! go away and let’s get on with the girls!

listened to me … jamaica is wiggling her upper body too much. russia has a nice cleft chin. they’re all starting to look alike. albania looks too thin. they’re all trying to work the silvery coverup they were given. colombia’s eyes are weird. guatemala kinda looks filipino, actually. czech republic reminds of old hollywood. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST: Philippines … OK, am revising my thinking: she’s gorgeous and really looks filipino, if you know what i mean (dusky skin, not tisay).

9:48 — swimsuit competition is about to begin. brett michaels is annoying me. shoo, go away. and take your damn blue bandanna with you.

9:40 — haven’t watched this in years (think the last time i actually sat through the entire show was when charlene gonzales made it to the final five) but there’s really nothing on tonight (plus, the yankees are losing) so … 😛 anyway, miss philippines made it to the top 15, woohoo! last one called. before that, i was thinking “wow, there are no asians at all!”


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    charlene gonzales looks way hotter now, even after two kids with aga muhlach.

    as you may have expected, the whole country is now talking about venus raj after the mendoza hostage taking yesterday. i think half of the primetime news is about miss universe.

    P-philippines. stands for pageants, religious or otherwise. ang ganda ng pilipinas. ang ganda ng mga pilipina 😛


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    the pageant may have lost its luster in recent years, but it was always big in the philippines. when i was a kid, it was a bit of an event. neighbors came over (not everybody had television) and we used to dissect every detail, have our own favorites, laugh as the younger ones (and sometimes even the older kids) sashay around the living room, pretending to be part of the introduction of nations.

    i remember korino sanchez criticizing charlene's response, saying it was what lost her the crown. can't recall if this was the official question, but it had something to do with how many islands there were in the philippines and charlene came back with “high tide or low tide” — i thought it was really funny and accurate. anyway, venus' response is what definitely lost her the crown.


  3. Betis Boy says:

    venus raj is now a major major celebrity here. i think she wants to be an artista.


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    he he he, “major major.” can she act, though? *smacking head … foolish me, why did i even ask that? this is philippine showbusiness we're talking about 😛 what's that old saying? “pinabili lang ng suka, pag-uwi artista na.”


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