mystical island

do you believe in places that draw you in? or literally magnetic places? i felt this the moment i set foot in siquijor. it was love at first sight. so much so that sometimes i think (really do) about getting a place for myself there — even with the reality that the nearest city is an hour away (by water), the major form of transportation is the habal-habal (single motorcycle with a horizontal wooden plan to seat more people), and electricity is iffy. apart from its mystical reputation (i have a funny story on that later), the languid rhythm of life in the island provides a certain charm. yeah, i’ve been to many sleepy places (romblon, baler, new york(!)) 😛 but this town’s slow pace i like. will tell you more about this trip soon.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    can't say i've experienced love at first sight with a place (or a person, for that matter). but i'm glad you have … i've fallen in love with a place after staying there for a while. poughkeepsie, for instance. i soooo miss it now. i know, i know, you found it boring (i was working the whole time you were there!).

    i can actually picture the habal-habal. goodness, they don't really worry over safety, do they? LOL! how do you balance that? (i can almost here the driver going “isang mabigat po sa kanan, dalawang payat sa kabila,” ha ha ha) did you go on the habal-habal? 😛 am looking forward to hearing that funny story about it's mystical reputation.


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