aruba, the happy island

you can take the girls out of new york, but you can’t take new york out of the girls. case in point: the tour bus that was supposed to take us snorkeling was 15 minutes late. we were at the lobby 3 minutes before the appointed time and started getting antsy when the bus didn’t arrive on schedule. the valet, who was filipino, reminded us that we were in aruba and the tour companies run on “aruba time,” which seems to be very similar to “filipino time.” we ended up chatting with a couple from washington who were also waiting for a bus to take them on a tour of the island (we did that the following day). when the husband asked where we were from, we ā€” and his wife ā€” answered, “new york.” she added, “i could have told you that when they said they were used to fast and on time.” LOL!

i’m told i’m one of the snorkelers here; no idea which one

we did learn to relax after a day or so at the beach. the water has that calming effect. i love snorkeling, even if the waves were a bit rough. we were dropped near this wreck of a german ship that was in aruba when world war two started. the germans basically didn’t want the dutch to take the ship so they blew it up. now, it’s a popular dive site and the fish around it are among the prettiest i’ve ever seen. later, we were dropped a little closer to shore, in shallower waters, near the so-called california lighthouse. it was still a nice spot for snorkeling but there weren’t as many fish.

snorkeling at baby beach was also great. the water was a lot calmer because of the rock barriers; it’s almost like a lagoon. you could walk half a mile out and the water would still be up to your chest. some old dude had the bright idea to bring a loaf of sliced bread with him and feed the fish and that created a bit of a frenzy. it was kinda cool to watch, but as more fish joined in, i sorta backed/swam away a bit. i suddenly had the trailer of “piranha 3-d” running in my head šŸ˜›

but while i enjoyed my time in aruba, i probably won’t go back. there’s really not that much to do except snorkel/eat/swim ā€” which is what i needed/wanted to do during this vacation. time to check out other islands. turks and caicos next?


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    so it seems like it's “tropical island week (month?)” in our blog. he.he. šŸ˜› you must have seen in facebook my delicious tan. har.har. now that the skin is peeling off, it's no longer that delicious. i'll tell you about my snorkeling adventures in palawan later. i have my backlog on siquijor. and that interesting trip to the woods.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    yeah, i'm still prepping a post about food in aruba, HA HA HA! i really liked your FB photo, BTW. you really looked like you were having fun. where was that? and why is your tan peeling? didn't you use sunblock and moisturizers? (you probably didn't; filipinos seem to think they're immune to the sun's rays).


  3. Betis Boy says:

    we did. constantly. used spf 70 sunblock, but something about the tropical sun that really toasts you. tell me bout the aruba food trip soon. don't prep up your posts. it's just you and me here šŸ™‚


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    i shouldn't rail at you about sunblock. we finished 3 aerosol cans of sunblock, slathering on stuff with spf 90, and we still came back burned šŸ˜› i have this weird split on my face from the mask i was using while snorkeling. so half of my face is very tanned; the upper half, not so much, LOL!. i don't peel though. the tan just gradually fades away.


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