despicable me is not so despicable

how many villains have you loved more than well… the other villain? in “despicable me,” the protagonist (dr. gru) is also the supposed antagonist, though there’s a pretender to the throne (ex-geek and up-and-coming villain, vector). the quest of both characters is to be the greatest villain of all time (vector has by far stolen the great pyramid of giza, while dru has the giant screen from times square) — by shrinking the moon and holding the world hostage (how can werewolves transform? how can surfer dudes surf? how can we remain lunatic?). and so it’s a battle to space for gru, with the help of his minions (and three lovable orphans), and vector, well, through his **spoiler alert** his dad (also dru’s banker and backer) who finances the heist.

it’s a cgi release from universal and illumination entertainment but it looks and it feels like a pixar movie (that’s saying much how much i liked it, given that my most favorite films from recent times are “up” and “toy story 3”). i’ve seen grown-ups (that includes me) cry in the opening montage in “up” and in the parting scene in “toy story 3). i didn’t cry watching this movie, but the storytelling scene in the end really tugged the heart… where one who is seemingly despicable is proven to be defenseless to the love and affection of those who need his love, and brings to him a change of heart.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i heard good things about this movie, but i didn't get to see it when it came out … i'll add it to my queue at the library.


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