not-so e-zpass

i really need to follow my cousin’s advice and just get an e-zpass tag.

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while heading back to NY about two weeks ago from my parents’ place in NJ, i accidentally didn’t pay toll at one of the booths. i say it was an accident and toll taker’s fault because i know i got into a “cash only” lane, except by the time i got to the booth, the person apparently had gone away and switched the booth to an e-zpass (tag only) lane and i was stuck holding my $8 with a sign flashing in front of me that i’m in violation. (they did that again over the labor day weekend, prompting honking horns from a ton of cars; fortunately i was still far enough i was able to switch lanes).

anyway, i got the bill in the mail today and i was already getting pissed off even before i opened the envelope because it thought i was going to be charged a fee or fine on top of the toll. AND I WASN’T! whoohoo! as long as the toll was paid before sept. 17, i was only being charged $8. add $50 if i pay after that date. so i paid right away … now i suddenly feel i have $50 because i had already considered that money “lost.” 😛


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    store that 50 in a place where you will almost forget it, until i come there and remind you about it, then we can have dinner (preferably buffet) somewhere. (how much is a buffet dinner there anyway?) in a really nice hotel resto here it's about $50-$100, but you've got the works, like food from all 7 continents 🙂


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    hmm, should i put it in a savings account, let the interest grow (though interest rates are in the basement these days)? and did you realize most of our plans involve eating, LOL! like we were talking about doing a binondo food tour.

    as for a buffet dinner here, it really depends where you're going … the japanese all-you-can-eat we went to was only $25 per person. but there's a churrascaria in tribeca where the price is probably a little more than $50.


  3. Betis Boy says:

    there we go. a japanese all-you-can-eat it is 😀


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