we tried a new pizza place in angeles city with J, P, and L (the cute but feisty lady a few years younger than us, the one we say resembles angelica jones. ha.ha) and the wide screen tv was playing david foster’s concert. i found out that michael buble’s home actually has a country version because he sang it with country singer blake shelton. i don’t know but i like the country version better — it feels more heartfelt (maybe it’s because we grew up on rey valera songs…and fred panopio and yoyoy villame. ha.ha.) anyway, i found the video above on youtube.

it’s a shame because i can’t embed here the two original music videos by shelton and buble. if you read through the comments portion in shelton’s video, and follow chainstrainer’s suggestion of playing the two videos at the same time (press buble’s version first), you’ll be in for a nice and pleasant surprise 🙂

link to buble’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbSOLBMUvIE
link to shelton’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkoT1nZOexY

btw, the pizza place (named new york pizza) was so-so. good panizza though. the rest (classic pizza, chicken wings, salads) were mediocre at best. forgot to bring my own camera. hopefully P took photos of the food but i doubt it. he was busy shooting the main subject/model J. ha.ha.


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