happy bug (disco ball fly)

i think we’ve talked about this before but, as a child, did you also drink the “nectar” from the stamen of the santan flower? for some reason, it was the red variety (versus the yellow ones) that had the sweeter nectar. was it because it attracted more insects due to its bright color? ha.ha. the insects must have detested us back then, first we caught and mutilated them, then they had to compete with us for their food too 🙂 (btw, if you enlarge the picture and zoom in on the bug, you’ll see that the body of the fly has disco-ball patterns. nothing, just a pointless observation. besides, who still uses disco balls?) 😛


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    oh yeah, definitely did some sipping of the nectar 🙂 in fact, i just tried to sip some in aruba (found some santan growing near the hotel, HA HA HA). didn't get any; the flowers were “dry” inside 😦 didn't know about the difference between the red and yellow flowers, though.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ha. then unlike me, you weren't a santan nectar connoisseur 😛 ha.ha. and among the red ones, it was the “thin” variety that was sweeter that the regular red one. ha.ha. whatta geek am i. 😀


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