paying homage to the stinking rose

A booth of one of the many growers at the Garlic Festival

there were definitely no vampires lurking around saugerties this weekend as a local club held its annual celebration of all things garlic/garlicky. some of my friends and i make this trip every year (and it’s quite a drive, about 2 hours each way); we’re such regulars that the pesto folks actually look us (they should; we buy a ton from them). this year, my friend K rented a minivan to fit everybody comfortably (6 of us), bearing in mind the loot we’re planning to bring home.

this is no ordinary festival, my friend. it’s got hundreds of vendors (you can only participate if you sell something that has garlic in it), musical acts, lecturers, garlic growers, etc. it features weird concoctions such as chocolate-covered garlic truffles and garlic ice cream (i like the roasted garlic variety). it takes an entire day to see (and taste) everything. there’s a lot of sampling involved, although since we’re veterans of the festival we already have lists of “musts” (garlic lover’s pesto from linabella farms, swiss & almond cheese spread from country pride, vodka sauce from grandpa pete’s and jalapeno raspberry jam from naples valley brand). there used to be this cheesemaker that made really good garlic cheddar but after a couple of years, they never came back 😦

it’s also a great day to catch up with friends … everybody is soooo busy these days but this is one of the events we all really plan for (in fact, there’s talk of possibly making an entire weekend out of it next year).

as long you don’t open it, the pesto keeps for a while

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  1. Betis Boy says:

    i can see you've made sure you have your pesto supply to last you till next year's festival. ha.ha. 😛 how long exactly does it keep? and i'm trying to remember a name of a friend who detests pesto (i think it's J, because there was a time they weren't eating anything except pesto until it came out of their ears).

    and roasted garlic ice cream, seriously?! as in seriously?


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    it's supposed to last in the freezer for nine months, but i've never had a chance to test that — i finish it rather quickly, HA HA HA! i'm not keeping all of the pesto, though … i'm bringing some down for my parents and giving some friends a taste since i've been talking it up for a while now 🙂

    and yes, SERIOUSLY, don't knock the roasted garlic ice cream before you've tried it (although i have no idea where you're going to find it there). one year we got what we call “fake” garlic ice cream because this guy basically took a vanilla ice cream and mixed some minced garlic in it. yuck! last year, we got the roasted garlic ice cream and that was surprisingly good. you can tell the garlic was pureed and blended with the cream, giving it a more robust flavor. this year, somebody else was offering garlic gelato and it has a more subtle taste 🙂


  3. Betis Boy says:

    hmmm. definitely not on the fence on this one. yuck! just a couple of days ago, i tasted some pasalubong we had from macau. you know me, i love japanese food, so i love nori. i also love cookies so i love puto seko. but they had this product that wrapped the cookie in nori and it just didn't work for me. the aftertaste was rather bad.


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