junk food series 1: cheez it

i have a friend who is weirdly passionate against sari-sari stores and the junk they sell. on the one hand, he’s got a point because mostly 80% of what’s sold in these stores is junk — chips, candies, sweets, soft drinks, have i said junk? 😛 on the other hand, these sari-sari stores spell the very survival of 80% of the population — it is the source of “tingi-tingi” (items sold by piece or small packs or sachets, in some cases, even half-piece) merchandise like sugar, coffee, rice and bread. the bonus is these usually sell on credit, expected to be paid at the end of each week, when the workers’ wages are given. these stores have assumed a cultural characteristic and an economic significance all their own and, like cockroaches, will be standing long after we’ve passed on.

anyhow, the point of this entry is not a discourse on the importance of sari-sari stores but a far less esoteric one — how yummy are “cheez-it”s (of the “pee-wee” and “milk-o” triumvirate)?! 🙂 i saw one yesterday and promptly stole it from one of the kid’s bags. 🙂 the best part is licking the orange residue on your hand after you’ve finished the pack’s content. (a worthy competitor for this product is “cheese rings” which has a more orangey artificial cheese powder, but i’ll post on that later). 🙂

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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    when did these snacks come out?!?! because i don't recognize the names you're talking about. the junk food i remember are clover, chippy and cheez curls (though i haven't had any of those in a while). i do agree, the best part about snacks is definitely the salty food color (or gooey goodness) from your fingers 😛


  2. Betis Boy says:

    first, i thought she can't be serious?! and then you mentioned all the “sosyal” brands. and then i got confused because you lived in a faraway barangay! either you had superior taste or had a generous allowance (or both), or the sales/distribution network of “jack and jill” was much superior than the makers of thes brands 😛


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    “sosyal” brands? really?!?! they're junk food!

    anyway, one of my favorite things to buy at the sari-sari store is the sweet/salty/spicy dried dilis (anchovies) or pusit (squid) in small, clear plastic packets. is that considered junk food?

    oh and you know what else you can get from your local sari-sari store? news of the day/gossip. it's where everybody congregates to talk about who's sleeping with whom, who got himself into a big hole of debt, so and so's baby who looks nothing like her husband, etc. 😀 you wanna know what's happening in your neighborhood, you go to the store 😛


  4. Betis Boy says:

    yah, those were the upmarket brands. they always cost a bit more (like 25 cents, which was a fortune that time). he.he. oh yes, the squid and anchovies dyed crimson red but taste like heaven. if you wanted to stink up a place you had to eat a few of those then talk really close to someone who's sure to scamper away because of your bad breath 🙂

    ha.ha. the sari-sari store as gossip central. and is it a coincidence that each kanto (where everybody congregates) has one? 😀


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