how sweet it is

it’s a wonder my teeth aren’t all rotted from the amount of sweets i indulged in as a kid. remember the panotsa? hard, brown candy made of cane sugar and shaped like a bowl? how about inuyat? my apu used to buy those from the market in recycled cans and you have to be very careful when you’re scooping it out because of the serrated edges. you can’t really chew it because it sticks to the teeth, so you have to lick it from the spoon ā€” a perfect way to spend part of a lazy, summer afternoon šŸ™‚

i did find some panocha from the fil-am store but it didn’t taste the same as i remember. these days, i have to make do with honey sticks, which is basically honey in long, thin plastic strips. the sticks come in different flavors. i’m sure they’re available everywhere but i only see them at farmers markets. they sell for 25 cents a stick (stop calculating how much that is in pesos!). i got some at the garlic festival and nearly knocked a kid out of the way when it looked like he was going for the last of the pina colada sticks šŸ˜›


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    poor kid standing in the way of the pina colada honey sticks! šŸ˜€ i could imagine the scene. lol!

    i've always had an explanation why our teeth didn't rot off with the amount of sweets we ate back then. the sweet residue actually protected the enamel from tooth decay. ha.ha.

    have you tried muscovado sugar? it's from bacolod, our sugar capital. it usually comes in blocks/tablets, but lately they've also been packaged in sachets. it's basically brown sugar, only much better.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    nope, never had muscovado sugar … since it comes in sachets, is it used just like regular sweeteners or is it like a delicacy?


  3. Betis Boy says:

    the one in sachets can be used as a sweetener for coffee and drinks. the one in block form is usually used for desserts and cooking.


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