cotton custard apple

remember the post a couple of days back about atis, and how we found out that we like eating them the same way (naked, the fruit, that is). 😛 well, i was eating one today and thought i’d make you envious again 😀

this was especially sweet and gritty (i have no problem with the gritty texture. i think it’s unique and gives the fruit character).

there’s a backstory to this (actually two). turns out that my brother and i bought atis from the same fruit vendor near the church plaza. he bought in the morning, me in the afternoon. same set of fruits. same tindera. he was quoted 80 pesos per kilo, i was quoted 70 pesos per kilo. nothing to do with time of day. nothing to do with looks (hey, i’m as goodlooking too!), you know the difference? he showed the vendor he was riding a car! i parked mine quite a few meters back and walked to the stall 😛 pag mukha kang mayaman, pangmayaman din ang presyo!

reminds me of a similar story about my former boss. she’s the epitome of class and bearing and beauty. has the sweet ilongga accent to boot. anyway, one time, she was going up to tagaytay for the annual hr managers’ convention. she was with her colleagues and she hitched a ride with a top exec. on the way, they chanced upon a stall and she had wanted to buy some pineapples or something. but instead of going down the car and checking the merchandise…

…she rolls down the tinted window, points to a fruit, and in her natural sosyal accent goes, “manong, how much is that?….” (while pointing to a fruit).

the executive riding beside her in the car shakes his head, and then says to her… “mahal!!!” 😀

i would have charged her a thousand bucks for a langka too 😛


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    HA HA HA! y'know, i got that lesson when we used to go “shopping” in divisoria. my cousins told me to really dress down so we can haggle and get good prices 🙂 apparently, no one's gonna let you get away with buying a lacoste shirt for 100 pesos if you're wearing a real lacoste shirt, HA HA HA!


  2. Cor says:

    Years ago, my cousin told me to dress down and not to bring a bag to Divisoria, so we can get really good deals. I did just that. Off we went to “Divi” to buy tela for clothes. Guess what? When I asked how much the more expensive telas were, the salesgirl did NOT even bother to answer me, as I looked too poor to afford it. LOL!!!


  3. Betis Boy says:

    GG, remember the time when the “uniform” in diliman was the standard giordano or lacoste shirt (real or otherwise) 😛

    Cor, I'm trying to imagine you looking poor 🙂 somehow i can't conjure an image 🙂


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