humayo kayo at magpakarami

the raging (and neverending) debate about the passage of the reproductive health bill (which facilitates the right to informed choice for filipinos to family planning, while providing easy access to the poor to contraceptives and other methods of birth control) and the whole circus surrounding it made me look back to the related debate on population and development (i.e., do more people mean less development, do less people mean progress?).

my personal opinion is that it doesn’t take a genius to understand (and to see) that more people born to a population which is predominantly poor will mean more stress on the limited resources available to them to provide for the basic needs of all citizens, more impetus to rural-urban migration in order to seek economic upliftment, and consequently, more demand on the already limited social infrastructure in the urban areas (housing, water, sanitation,etc.) and related social and economic ill effects (unemployment, crimes, etc.). while these seem intuitive, they have likewise been validated through academic research (e.g. herren).

of course, you may have your own take on this issue (although i think i know what it is. i’m interested though if there’s also an inter-generational gap of opinion in your family). i’m not even going to talk about the bigger issue of separation of church and state. that will need at least 3 blog posts. he.he. 😛

btw, i’ve attached a summary of the proposed reproductive health bill here.

an ADB paper on population and development in the philippine context is also provided here.

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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    found the attempts to correct the misconceptions regarding the bill fascinating reading … sort of an “of course, that's how the critics are going to frame the argument!” sounds like they've been taking lessons from some of the folks over here 😉

    it's going to be an uphill battle to make filipinos embrace this bill … haven't there been similar legislative measures in the past? supporters of the bill will need to do a lot of outreach and education …

    btw, where did you get the photo? do we need a credit for that?


  2. Betis Boy says:

    got the photo from my grad days researching on housing and rural poverty. the issue of population inevitably comes into the mix. i took the photo myself. too bad i wasn't able to take one of the swarm of children whose future is, at the most, uncertain.


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