super talents

“The Incredibles” from Pixar

superpowers have been on my mind a bit lately … and not because sometimes i feel i need a boost in my abilities just to get through the day. last week, abc debuted a show called “no ordinary family” about a family whose members become “super” after their plane crashes into the amazon river. dad gains super strength, mom gets super speed, sister becomes telephatic and little bro becomes a genius. it’s kinda like a live-action “the incredibles” (love that movie!). i found the pilot so-so but i’m gonna stick around for a bit since it was created by one of my favorite writer/producers, greg berlanti (he wrote and produced “everwood“).

also, i’m reading “reflex,” the sequel to “jumper” by steven gould (a movie starring the guy from the sucky “star wars” prequels was made about 3-4 years ago). it’s about folks who can teleport.

so, what power would you like? let’s be selfish here (no humanitarian reasons): i’d like to be able to teleport. can you imagine how much traveling i’d be able to do? no need to book hotels, do the guided tours, etc. 🙂 plus, pretty handy power for getting out of trouble 😛


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    i think every generation who grew up on star trek wants to have teleporting powers 🙂 aside from that, of course, there's the invisibility power, and then bionic strength (six million dollar man), the power to stop time as you wish (twilight zone), and then the power to swim underwater (man from atlantis). ha.ha. these were all wired into our brains by tv shows from our youth 🙂


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    yes, yes … you didn't say which super power you wanted to have. lemme guess — x-ray vision 😛


  3. Betis Boy says:

    the internet has made that power obsolete 😛 i just listed all the powers i want, also beginning with teleporting 🙂


  4. Betis Boy says:

    btw, i loved “the incredibles” too. i have yet to meet a pixar movie i didn't love.


  5. Guagua Girl says:

    ahhh, i didn't take your first comment as the answer to my question. i thought you were just listing random powers. OK, if you can choose only one, though, which would it be?


  6. Betis Boy says:

    this isn't a copycat answer. teleporting of course. you know me. i can travel all my life. and when i say teleport it means other universes as well. somebody posted on facebook about a planet they discovered that is quite similar to earth, and in cosmic terms, it is literally just next door to us.


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