Mama cooks best sinigang best

My aunt in California recently sent us homemade chicharon (pork rinds) but not all of the strips “popped” and some were chewier than the others. What to do? Make soup, of course! Fortunately, I still had a packet of Knorr sinigang sa sampalok (tamarind soup) mix. Got half a pound of shrimp and romaine lettuce from the grocery. Sautéd some garlic, dumped water and the soup mix, the shrimp, chicharon and lettuce and voila — perfect soup for a chilly night.

At least I thought it was perfect … until I visited my parents during the weekend and tasted my mom’s shrimp sinigang. Dude, it was heaven! The soup was actually almost orange (mine was rather brown) and tasted creamy. That’s because the shrimp she used were very fresh and still had the heads, which as you know can be very fatty.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    interesting! first time i've heard of chicharon in sinigang. we usually put in monggo (and the pancit upo dish i posted a while ago). but never in sinigang. hmmm. i think this only works for homemade chicharon though. otherwise, the commercial version will leave a different version (except if it's galan chicharon from guagua).

    wow, that orangey soup looks good. when my mom buys those kinds of shrimps (the ones with the big heads, like small lobsters), we know we'll have a good sinigang or bulanglang dish (we prefer them in bulanglang).


  2. Betis Boy says:

    is the soup photo your sinigang or your mom's? if it's yours, that's not too brown…and i couldn't imagine how more orange your mom's was 🙂


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    you've never had shrimp sinigang with chicharon? hmmm, interesting. it's pretty good. but you're right, you have to use the really dense chicharon. so it has to be either homemade or made by galan (they should pay us for all the shoutouts, LOL). oh and the photo is my mom's version. it would have looked even better if my cell camera had a flash 😛

    oh and i told my mom about the pancit upo dish and she said what the soup i was referring to was slightly different (sorry, memory is faulty as i haven't had it in a while).


  4. Betis Boy says:

    i think you were referring to sotanghon soup, which is also orange because of atsuete.


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