gelatinous rice

i can’t imagine life without rice, in any shape, size or form. i think i’d go crazy. the one year i was away in a foreign land, i still made sure i ate rice (although it was the yucky kind, the one that you just dump in boiling water). that whole year i subsisted mostly on bread and pasta, and shed about twenty pounds. those pounds came back after a month of eating rice back home. 🙂

it’s the wonder grain. it’s so small yet it is so nutritious. and it’s versatile too. not just as a staple to accompany saucy stews and soups and fried dishes, rice can also be made into sweet stuff… like suman, or baked into cakes, or made into sweet porridge, or rice crispies.

the suman in the photo is the ubiquitous kind, called suman sa ibus (the name of the palm whose leaves are used to encase it). this is the one that can be bought from the market everyday. it’s simply gelatinous rice mixed with gata (coconut milk), then boiled away till they get plump and the rice gets sticky. it goes well with granulated brown sugar. if you want to be indulgent, then pair it with slices of ripe mango and some condensed milk or better yet, reduced coconut cream (some like it with ube or macapuno ice cream). i still personally prefer though the suman bulagta (suman lihiya in tagalog) which i wrote about in an earlier post, mainly because of the latik, and mostly because it reminds me of christmas.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    now this is the suman i like; mom or apu used to get some almost every week from the market. and the simpler the better; i only use granulated white sugar. no ice cream, no latik.

    your story about shedding pounds reminded me of one of my cousins who is in perpetual diet mode. she went on nutrisystem, where they send you meals but you also have to add stuff like fruits, specific vegetables, etc. i guess the portions were too small because every night she'd come home from work very hungry and eat rice. at the end of her first month, i think she gained 10 pounds, LOL!


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha.ha. that diet plan was terrible 🙂 i keep thinking why mine failed, and while it's a combination of factors (lack of exercise, fatty food, soda, etc.) i still believe rice was/is the main culprit.


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