my beautiful game

American League Division Series downloaded from

as i watch, heart in throat, my yankees play the minnesota twins in the american league division series, i remember a question you posed me once: why baseball? i understand your befuddlement. it’s not like america’s pastime was a popular sport back home. the philippines is basketball country and we grew up on stories about crispa and toyota and jaworski’s very loyal baranggay ginebra.

i don’t really remember when i started following baseball. maybe it was when i still lived with my parents and they regularly caught the game on tv. maybe it was when the YES network launched and yankees fans could watch anything and everything about the bronx bombers 24/7. what i do know is that baseball, and the yankees, have become a huge part of my life — teams play 162 games in a regular season. no other sports demands that kind of devotion. there are only 16 games in a season of football (i once asked a friend how come they only played so few games and she looked at me like a grew a second head; after seeing how players get battered in every game i understood), 82 for basketball and 45 (i think) for pro soccer.

day in, day out you go through players’ slumps with them, revel in their victories, agonize with them in defeats. your heart soars and falls on every pitch, every swing. you cheer veterans and welcome rookies. you yell at the stupid umpires who make stupid calls that hurt your team and you suddenly become mute when the same stupid umpires make stupid calls that benefit them. you jeer the players on the opposing teams and secretly covet the ones who are having an amazing season.

for 162 games.

i know you’ve said you don’t look forward to my posts about baseball, but you’ll just have to close your eyes and scroll down quickly. my yankees are in the playoffs and are looking like they might advance to the next round. excuse me, while i go be a nervous wreck for the next 2-3 weeks.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    that is a beautiful photo. if you had to choose between a real diamond and to pitch for the yankees in that diamond, what would you choose? 😛


  2. Betis Boy says:

    and don't tell me all of those 162 games are recorded by your mom. apart from tv replays. that's 1 game relived every 2.5 days of the year 🙂


  3. Betis Boy says:

    if it's really the world series, how come only north american teams play (with the usual jap imports)? 😛

    at least the world cup is multinational. he.he. 😀


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    man, i got very excited when i saw “3 comments” and then found out they were all from you 😛 OK, lemme answer the questions in order …

    i'd go for the real diamond, of course! i love the team but i'd rather watch them play. of course, the diamond's value would rise even more if it was presented by one of the yankees (mariano rivera or former first baseman tino martinez will do nicely).

    my parents no longer record every game, mostly because of the prevalence of encore presentations. they can catch the game in reruns 3 times if they really wanted to … special games, however, still get recorded. maybe the world series — if the yankees get there.

    as for the world series … eh *shrug … i don't know. that was the name they came up with in 1903, when the first championship series was held. but team compositions are actually very diverse with white, black, asian and latin american players. who knows, a few more years and maybe it will truly become a world series.


  5. Betis Boy says:

    what happened to a rod? 😛


  6. Guagua Girl says:

    what happened to him? he had a solid if not spectacular season.


  7. Betis Boy says:

    no, i meant him giving you the ring.


  8. Guagua Girl says:

    i enjoy a-rod because he's a yankee and because he really is a very good athlete, but he's not among my all-time favorites. neither is derek jeter, BTW. i've always been a fan of mariano rivera, the closer, and my only yankees jersey has the name martinez in the back for the bombers' first baseman from 1996-2001 🙂 he retired in 2006 but occasionally does broadcast work for the yankees.


  9. Betis Boy says:

    oh, i thought he used to be side table material 🙂


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