Tortang talong

My mom has the “aristocart” folks to thank for me finally learning to eat veggies. If it weren’t for those vendors who parked in front of the dorms, I wouldn’t be eating eggplant at all. I can’t even remember if they cooked the eggplant differently from my mom but I remember taking back to the dorm the grilled eggplant with egg. It was wrapped in plastic, with a smaller plastic bag of ketchup tied around the knot.

When my mom makes it, however, she puts torta (mixture of ground pork and shrimp) in it. She made some this weekend and here i am sharing … photos, anyway.

BTW, just in case other folks are wondering — aristocart is a play on the name Aristocrat, a well-known restaurant in Manila (love Filipino humor). Aristocarts are street vendors who push around a cart around the Diliman campus at dinnertime, targeting students who want cheaper options for their meals.

tortang talong with kalamansi and soy sauce for dipping

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  1. Betis Boy says:

    that's a favorite in our household – with or without the torta. sometimes it's better with just battered egg (we prefer the torta to go with omelettes anyway). but we have it with ketchup instead of toyomansi.

    ha.ha. i remember the aristocarts. good thing our manang (aching linda, shoots, why do i still remember her name?) was also kapampangan so we always got the bigger pieces of meat, fish or chicken. for a grand sum of 20-25 pesos! (can you believe that?!)


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    damn, i'm missing u.p. food all of a sudden. the tapsilog at rodic's, the ribs at casaa, the barbecue and salted eggs at the beachhouse … *sigh


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