all balled out

fishballs and squidballs are one my favorite food items. they are inexpensive, easy-to-find (at least here in the philippines), and flavorful. i like them in noodles, i like them in soups, but i like them best fried, skewered on sticks, then dipped in vinegar and sweet-sour sauce.

a recent trip to china brought me to fishball heaven. (i think, not sure though, that the chinese invented them. maybe to garnish noodles). anyway, where else did we find them but on the streets! it was pouring like the three gorges dam broke, so we sought refuge on the shop covers near the sidewalk. and luckily, on it was a fishball stand πŸ™‚ unlike here in pinas, the balls there are already mixed with the sauce (they’re boiled, not fried) so the vendor just scoops them up. it departs from the experience of “making tusok tusok” and “making sawsaw” (ha.ha.) and doing your own sauce combo (by double dipping, he.he). but hey, i’m not complaining, i had a good round (actually, several rounds) such that the vendor was all smiles after the meal and said (half said, half sign language), “you like eating. you like eating fishballs!” πŸ˜›

the first photo were the balls in red curry sauce (as you can see from the deep shade of oily red, it was really spicy but quite good. besides, i made sure to buy coke to douse the fire). the ones below are those cooked in green curry, and in the last photo are the meat balls (chicken, and some kind of meat i think. remember — this was china) πŸ˜› they were also good, but i would have enjoyed them better with noodles in steaming soup.

all in all, i had a ball! ;D


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    those fishballs look weird, LOL! and boiled? ugh! i like them fried, as in crispy! but you're saying they were good, though, right? did you know, there are two different kinds of fishballs. the smaller one, made of cheaper fish, is sold in sticks (or in your case, a bowl) and the bigger one, made of more expensive fish, is used for soups and noodles.

    when i was a kid, i was told fishballs were actually made of snake meat to dissuade me from eating them. of course, that didn't work πŸ˜›

    and in college, we spent a good fortune of our allowance on fishballs πŸ™‚ arguably, the best fishballs came from the stall between the buildings for music and mass comm.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    yup. quite a lot of “upscale” fishballs are now sold in the groceries — from the regular fishballs squidballs to the more exotic crab balls, lobster balls, lobster balls with roe, crab puffs, etc. but given my barrio taste, i still like the cheap ones. he.he.

    and no, the best fishballs are the ones in front of the tambayan πŸ™‚


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