have you noticed?

that our blog is really a food parade, punctuated by the occasional random thought? πŸ˜€ we are what we think, but moreso, we are what we eat. πŸ™‚

(photo credit to my friend r, who just started chasing her dreams in a faraway land. may she get to marry any of the princes of england πŸ˜› )


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    LOL, i thought we agreed it was going to be 60-40 mix of food and whatever else crosses our minds πŸ˜› so where was this photo taken? is that R's despedida dinner? oh and tell R to go after harry. the tabloids have him breaking up with chelsy davis again πŸ˜‰


  2. Betis Boy says:

    this was an old photo (from my baul again) from a birthday dinner from a long time past. but it seems like it was taken yesterday. such is the time spent with friends, ne?

    sige, will tell her to go after harry. ha.ha.


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