lure of nature

as i write this, a category 5 super typhoon is hurling through the sierra madre mountains in northern luzon, heading towards the cordilleras. i could just imagine the number of trees that will be uprooted and fallen, to the delight of the illegal loggers, kaingeros and charcoal makers. some may say that this just follows the natural course of death and regeneration, which has occured over the course of time. however, in a country where only 20% of the forest cover remains (making us the country in southeast asia with the thinnest forest cover, including those in upland northern luzon), this is far from good news.

i am not going give a speech on the myriad environmental, economic and medical benefits derived from forests, which everybody (who has watched “avatar” and the local soap opera “noah”) already knows. šŸ˜›

i just want to say that i miss forest walks. for me they are the best form of exercise. the air you breath is always fresh (unlike the recyled ones in the fitness centers or the exhaust fumes on the pavements). you can take a different route everyday. you can adjust the intensity of your trek. you can dictate your pace and the time you are willing to spend. you don’t feel trapped in a room or are strapped to a machine. and you can keep away from people. of course, not living near one is not enough excuse to stop exercising altogether. i’m just saying i wish i was closer to one. i have got to work on being healthy again, so i might as well start walking in the closest “natural” alternatives available to me, river dikes and ricefields, even if they will never be quite as cool or quite as green. šŸ™‚


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    i've taken to running in the park (during the day and staying in well-populated areas) instead of the elliptical machine in the other room because it's more difficult to stop exercising when the couch is very far away šŸ˜›

    you know, preservation of open space/open lands is a growing movement in new york state. the government helps nonprofits and farmers buy land so developers won't be able to touch it. the result has been an increase in the number of parks for public use. communities have also started cooperating with each other and linked up hiking/biking/walking trails šŸ™‚ hey, you're an environmental planner šŸ˜‰ anything you can do about this in betis?


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. if you know me, looking for an non-existent forest is just my impossible excuse for delaying any form of exercise. ha.ha. beats a nearby couch anytime šŸ˜›

    hay, if i want to start anything here, i'd have to deal with politicians and their “conditions”. i'd rather die a slow death. šŸ˜›


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