Barquiron — mix of barquillos and pulvoron

one of my favorite picture books as a child was “hansel and gretel.” i loved the idea of a house made of cake, candy and other sweets — minus cannibalistic witch, of course. well, i never had a house made of sweets, but i did spend a good chunk of my early childhood in a house full of sweets 🙂 i’m referring to the old house in sta. rita.

that’s where my dad grew up, raised by an aunt of his. lola bibang was a very good cook. she also had a business making sweets such as macaroons, pastillas, barquillos and turones de casoy, so she always had treats stashed somewhere in the pantry. (she also made oblia, the wafer host for communion, and my cousin, who ended up going to the seminary but eventually decided against becoming a priest, used to line us up and make us take communion with the untrimmed wafers.)

i especially enjoyed the barquillos. they were usually served with homemade ice cream. but i also liked them without anything else. i would stick them on my fingers and pretend they were long nails before chomping on them. they were kinda messy to eat because they would crumble all over my shirt. when i was a kid i was amazed at how my dad always knew when i’ve been ransacking the barquillos stash.

i was trying to find some at the fil-am store the other day, but all i could find are the ones above, which are called barquiron — barquillos/pulvoron. they weren’t very good … possibly because they’re probably a few weeks, if not months, old 😛


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    hah 🙂 i remember giant barquillos from bacolod. we'd pretend they were tabaco and we'd puff them like we were the band of kontrabidas in the tony ferrer films (ha.ha. tv and advertising… look what you've done) 🙂

    i like the barquirons too. the barquillos tend to leave me hungry because you have to eat a whole lot of them to get full (if at all). it's great sta. rita has still retained its sweets and delicacies rep ne? that town, i think, is one of the better preserved (cultural/heritage wise) in the province.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    interesting that the element of play is included in the consumption of barquillos 😀


  3. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. i guess its due to its shape. didn't you play with the cheese rings by putting them on your fingers and eating them off each finger? and the munchies (remember those snacks with the little wedges?) we used to line them up like trains (or were they snakes) and then eat them “car by car” 🙂 or the kornik and balitog that we popped up in the air to catch with our mouths. it was fun playing with food ne? 😛


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    yes to the kornik and balitog (i still do that sometimes) but no to the rest, HA HA HA!

    parents can be so contradictory, neh? they tell us not to play with our food but get kids to eat by pretending the spoon was either a train or an airplane 😛 choo-choo!


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