Asadong manok

asadong manok is my ultimate comfort food (well, ultimate is neither singular nor superlative, is it? he.he.). the way we do it in these parts, we “singkutsa” the meat first, after it has been seared to seal in the juices (this is literaly low-fire marinade, or marinating while cooking) . the marinade is simple — garlic, onions, soy sauce, with bay leaves and pepper corns optional. after the meat is tender and it looks like a wet adobo, it is poured into another saute of garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes, and then allowed to stew a long time until the tomato/soy sauce “separates” from the oil. by then, the oil would have been infused with the flavors of the chicken and seasonings, such that it can be poured into hot rice by itself and ulam na! 🙂 (the restaurants that serve chicken inasal also have that oil if you request for it).

the asado is eaten best if it has matured a day or two. i remember during christmas and fiesta my lola cooks a whole kaldero, and then we just keep reheating it. the sauce goes into further reduction and is concentrated in thickness and flavor, and the meat separates into bits… similar to pulled pork, just this time it’s pulled chicken strips. 🙂 sometimes we also cook a combo of chicken, pork and lengua (tongue) for asado. that’s normally reserved for special occasions but i’ll post a pic of that too 🙂


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  1. Cheche says:

    Sounds good! I've never tried it before but will try your recipe 🙂 Anything that can sit in the fridge for 2 days is good and anything that actually gets better with days is even better!


  2. Betis Boy says:

    che, sorry i don't have the exact measurements. puro tantya lang kami dito kasi 🙂 matahin (eye-ball) mo na lang 🙂 syempre, tikman mo rin 🙂 btw, you can replace the fresh tomatoes with canned tomato sauce, or combine both.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    i miss fiesta asado, with the chicken, pork and lengua 🙂 this looks really good and i love the description about letting the tomato/soy sauce and oil separate. and i've actually made asado sandwich from the meat that has fallen off. sooo good. in fact, sometimes i prefer to eat asado with bread and then use it to clean the sauce off my plate. i gotta try that double saute, though. i'm lazy, i marinate the uncooked meat and just do one saute 😛


  4. Betis Boy says:

    yup. a crusty french baguette to sop up and mop the sauce with 🙂 wow. or maybe a toasty, crunchy, slightly burnt pandesal. 😀


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