Christmas in a cup

As i write this, it is exactly 36 days — or as some would like to put it, 86 hours, 51,965 minutes or 3,117,862 or so seconds — away from Christmas. But it might as well have been Christmas in my calendar yesterday.

A couple of days ago, a visiting friend brought a pack of natural unsweetened chocolate tablets from Cebu (where she’s originally from). I’ve been to cebu a few times and I didn’t realize that apart from dried mangoes, danggit, dried pusit, and lechon, that they produced these wonderful goodies.

It’s smart because they come pre-cut into coin-sized, make that thick coin-sized, tablets that you simply drop in boiling water or milk, or a mixture of both). It’s a good thing that we had some pure cream milk in the ref so I boiled some with a bit of water, brown sugar and honey. Then i made it frothy by stirring it with a fork while I poured it slowly into a cup. (It’s a shame that we don’t have a batirol in our kitchen. I should do something about that.) Anyway, the fork did the trick in making a decent froth on top of the brew.

I almost finished it before I remembered to take a photo. Look at the solid bits at the bottom and on the walls of the cup. I never liked smooth chocolate. I want to taste the gritty stuff from the ground seeds of the cacao. It makes the drink a little bit more earthy and authentic, maybe just like how the Aztec emperor Montezuma had it in his time.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    at first, i thought it was panocha 😀 that looks really, really good … i wish somebody would bring us some coco/peanut mix from the philippines (maybe i should make that request). i don't have a batirol here either but the blender works very well for the froth 🙂 i hosted a brunch for some friends once (pandesal, pisto, etc.) and served that chocolate mix. it took them forever to finish a mug because they were savoring the thick and creamy treat.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    yup. the perfect breakfast — pandesal, pisto, tsokolate batirol!


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