yoghurt: good for the heart

we’ve been very bad the past few days so i’m posting something that’s said to be good for the heart, gives calcium, helps control cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure — yoghurt!

frozen yoghurt shops are now a dime-a-dozen here but i still prefer the brand i grew up with — nestle. they have a fruit selection series (strawberry, mango, melon, buco, berry mix) that are very chunky they could give ice cream brands a run for their money (just look at the photo!). they also have a new product that has a jelly topping but i don’t like it. the jelly becomes watery and dilutes the yoghurt at the bottom.

the imported brands carry other “exotic” flavors like cherry, raspberry and passion fruit but i don’t like them too much. i find them too tart.
i think i like the nestle brand better because it tends to be on the sweet side. a good dessert substitute, if you ask me. just not two cups at a time. otherwise, you might as well eat ice cream 😀

(this is not a paid advertisement.)


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    you're having yoghurt. i'm having good, old-fashioned oatmeal for breakfast after days of cholesterol-laden foods 🙂


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