ramyeon (korean ramen)

having lived in salcedo village in makati for a good three years meant that every other face i saw walking home to my building was korean. and of course the friendly neighborhood store was korean, complete with the korean “kakanin” on the check-out counter. it was still a food store so, of course, i was a suki — mostly of its ice cream (delicious ice cream i tell you), junk food (mostly squid-flavored chips), and last but not the least, the instant noodles. i think i upped my tolerance for spicy food because of these noodles, since i had them for dinner about twice a week.

a couple of days ago i found myself in the korean-japanese section of the sm supermarket (yes, there’s a whole section in sm just for them) and chanced upon my favorite ramyeon noodles. till now i don’t know the brand name (obviously it’s korean) but i know it as the black-red package with the kimchi flavor (drawn in front). i had it as my midnight snack a couple of nights ago, while watching news on the bombing of north korea of a south korean island. (honestly, that was all coincidence.) i sliced some cucumbers to counter the spicy soup. good thing we had some leftover grilled pork from dinner so i added that as well. not a bad midnight meal ey? the noodles were superb — chewy and richly flavored. i think i’m going to be hooked on these again.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    it's good you clarified that whole thing about eating korean noodles while watching the news about the north korean attack. i wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first 😛 man, those noodles look really good. dad buys these japanese noodles at fil-am that are extremely spicy. they come not in packets but in a small tub. my mom is not a fan because of the spiciness level but my dad and i revel in them 🙂


  2. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. if you know me better, i turned on the tv. heard about korea, thought about food, then ate korean ramen. ha.ha. kidding 🙂


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