what dreams may come

11-16-42-47-31-37 equals P741,176,323.20? yes, most definitely! at least to 1 person, who is now most likely the happiest person in the philippines and at the same time the one most scared like shit (did i tell you he or she lives in the philippines, where kidnap-for-ransom accounts for 3% of the GDP?) he.he.

that last statement is my own sourgrape remark, since obviously i am not the lucky one. if i were, i wouldn’t be writing here. i’d be writing from moscow, mali, and the maldives. you will find me in chile, bhutan, and the galapagos islands. in my downtime i’ll be in the swiss alps, luxembourg, or monte carlo. then i’ll swing a visit to new york to give you your balato 🙂

maybe it’s the christmas season, or maybe it’s just the prospect of a windfall, rather a cashfall, of instantaneous wealth, that has had all filipinos — from politicians to movie stars to professionals to jeepney drivers to street vendors — lotto crazy the past weeks. it was like a national bingo game with everyone racing to shout “bingo!”. though in this case, i doubt if he or she will ever declare, for his own personal health and well-being, that he or she is the winner of the country’s largest-ever pot.

whoever you are, have a merry christmas! may your happiness be magnified by the blessings you will share to those who really need and deserve it. please look over your wealth and use it wisely. i am curious to see if you will be like most of the people who, when asked what they will do if they win, said they will share it with their church, their relatives and their neighbors. funny that even in the oddest of the games of chance (where winning is least likely to occur as getting hit by lightning 5 times), our people’s foundation lies in faith, family and friends.

that’s why it’s such a puzzle to me (sometimes not) why we are all still wretched.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    “at the same time the one most scared like shit (did i tell you he or she lives in the philippines, where kidnap-for-ransom accounts for 3% of the GDP?)”

    HA HA HA, OK, i'm not sure about the percentage but i can believe the sentiment. reminded me of conversations we've had here in the u.s. whenever the megamillions reach $300 million and the closet lottery players come out 🙂 nobody wanted to go back to the philippines because of fear of getting kidnapped 😛

    i hope whoever won gets good advice about how to handle his finances. i've read too many stories of the so-called “lottery curse.”


  2. Betis Boy says:

    shit i'm running out of zeroes in my head trying to convert $300M into pesos 😀

    what about the lottery curse? that no one ever gets out alive? or at the very least, happy? i tend to believe that.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    that most people end up being miserable or dying after winning a huge amount of money. we're not talking about $100,000 or $1 million winners here, but the really big sums. there was an interesting study about it a few years back … something about the introduction of wealth leading to sudden lifestyle changes that may be unhealthy.


  4. Betis Boy says:

    ah, that makes sense. and i'm sure that big jolt to the heart upon realizing he/she won will have bad long-term effects. he.he. 😀

    part of me wants to be part of that statistics though. what a way to go! 😛


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