dinikyam na persimmon

’tis the season for dried fruits and nuts (and no, i don’t mean the single fruitcake that’s been passed around as christmas gift for many generations). by nuts i mean the chestnuts that are traditional christmas fare in these parts (oh yes, there too… chestnuts roasting on an open fire… really, who does that?!). and then by dried fruits i mean the fruit preserves in the christmas cakes and pudding (ok, ok, yes, the fruitcakes).

when you think about it, the dried fruits are really just the more expensive “dikyam” from here. my favorite dikyam are champoy, dikyam mansanitas, dikyam santol, and most of all dikyam kamias (it has been years since i’ve eaten preserved kamias!). the more ubiquitous preserved fruits these days are of course the dried mangoes, dried papayas and dried pineapples. they’re good, but they’re not all that.

recently, i stumbled unto some dried persimmons in the supermarket under the dizon’s farm brand. they were not outrageously priced (unlike fresh persimmons) so i gave them a try. they were good but not spectacular. the beer flavor (at least that’s what i associate it with) of the persimmon was retained, and the texture was consistent with most other dikyams.

by the way, did you know that the persimmon is a cousin of our native mabolo? 🙂 i can see the similarity in the features, but i don’t think they share a common flavor.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    hey! i like fruitcakes (only one in my whole family who does). i haven't had one in a while, though. which reminds me, i need to make my famous rum cakes and rum balls for gift-giving.

    i do like the dikyam mansanitas. used to actually make them with my cousins because they had a tree next to old house. i don't think i'v ever tried all the other dikyam examples you mentioned. am i missing much?


  2. Betis Boy says:

    oh yes, especially on the dikyam kamias. weird that the dikyam we remember are those which were homemade. i remember my aunts using kalburu and drying them under the sun.


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