anong kaguluhan to? what’s this fuss all about? for one, it’s not simbang gabi. there are far too many people attending the dawn masses that they’re held out in the betis church plaza. this is the annual celebration of the sacrament of holy confirmation here in our town. if there’s any proof of population explosion, this is it. i’ve never seen so many kids before, and they’re just in the 7 to 16 age bracket! so many, in fact, that i never found where my nephew was seated. i was supposed to be one of his ninongs, but until the ceremony ended i never even got close to knowing where they were. anyway, one other nephew also received the sacrament today so i just served as his photographer and as babysitter to two other nieces. it took almost an hour (with that many kids, i wasn’t surprised).

do you remember your own kumpil? i don’t, because back then they allowed babies to be confirmed. now i think, the minimum age is around 7, or the age of reason and discretion, whatever that means.

it was the archbishop of san fernando did the rites by the way. i used to remember that kids were “slapped” on the face for kumpil. now, not anymore. (somebody must have called “bantay bata”. he.he.) šŸ˜›


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  1. Jun says:

    I remember only that I was dreading the SLAP from the Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, D.D.

    I think some of the older Knights of the Blessed Sacrament told us to prepare for a hard slap.

    Other than that, nada.

    A few years back, Archbishop Paciano Aniceto seemed to favor my eldest son by giving him a soft slap, in contrast to the other children who received comparatively harder slaps — he must have avoided registering the slap on my son's fair skin which he obviously inherited from yours truly (he, he, he).

    My second son was also slapped on the face 3 years ago, again, softer than the other kids, as he has the same fair skin as, uhurm. (he, he, he)


  2. Betis Boy says:

    jun, i was actually disappointed there was no slap, because my nephew was in a bad mood during the ceremony. i wanted the archbishop to slap some sense of discipline into him. ha.ha.


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    what a brutal ninong you are, BB, wanting a slap for your inaanak šŸ˜› so, are you still his ninong even though you weren't able to physically stand next to him?

    i was still a baby during my kumpil, too; i think a few months after i was born. my ninang sa kumpil is my dad's older sister whom i call auntie for 11 months and ninang in december, HA HA HA!


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    you know, the other thing that strikes me with this photo is how majestic the church looks. i love the old betis church šŸ™‚


  5. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. i hope your seasonal ninang gave you aguinaldo good only for 1/12 of the year. he.he.

    re the betis church photo, that is actually a blind shot. i just raised my camera over my head and then took the photo. it is that photogenic (and majestic).


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