more holiday food

there’s another salad my family makes during the holidays β€” macaroni salad with chicken, pineapple, cheese and mayonnaise. i think it’s supposed to be a side dish but i usually enjoy it as a snack πŸ˜› i remember my mom making when i was a kid, but i’ve been in charge of making it for many years now. that and the fruit salad have become my responsibilities πŸ™‚

the holiday table was a little different yesterday in that we didn’t serve my mom’s signature dishes, such as the lengua estofado and patatim. i did cook the pastel and my cousin brought ham but everything else was ordered from one of the philippine restaurants in the area. my dad wasn’t pleased, but with him and mom still recovering, we didn’t want them overdoing the holiday preparations. the important thing was that everybody was healthy again and that we were all together, joined by our extended family.


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    what's that green thing topping your macaroni? a brocolli flower? we like putting shrimps and brocolli in our macaroni salad πŸ™‚ sounds weird but it's good. like a combo of shrimp salad and macaroni salad πŸ™‚

    i can see the estofado, pastel and ham on the table. what's that on the foreground with the lemon wedges?


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    that's just a dab of pesto … you know how chefs talk about different colors and textures in food? well, i realized the macaroni salad was pretty much just white. even the cheddar cheese was a very pale yellow … so i wanted to give it a bit of a presentation, he he he. worked out well. the pesto actually tasted good with it, HA HA HA!

    that's not estofado, that's caldereta. the one with the lemon wedges is pancit bihon (which i did not like).


  3. Betis Boy says:

    that pancit bihon looks freaky.
    pesto with mayo? hmmm. i don't think i'll like that. it would have been better if that were wasabi πŸ˜€
    what's that wrapped in foil?


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    mayo with pesto is the best! especially with ham and cheese πŸ™‚ in this case, it was just a dab at the top to give the salad a dash of color, i didn't really mix it with the entire salad.

    wrapped in foil? oh, that's baked boneless bangus, which was actually very good. i like boneless fish. and peeled shrimp. you know how i am with fish and shrimp πŸ˜›


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