food to end the year with, and to welcome the new year!

we are ending 2010 with a simple yet hearty dinner.

as is proper, let us start with dessert. 😛 my sister made ginataang suman, sago at langka (tapioca pudding with coconut milk, rice rolls, and jackfruit). it’s a minimalist take on ginataang halo-halo, but it works quite well. just the right hint of sweetness, but with a depth of flavor from the coconut milk and the fresh langka. they say you need to eat round things to make the coming year lucky. ha, with those hundreds of small tapioca balls, i’m sure our year will not be wanting of luck, even in small measure! 😛

for the main dish we had seafood spaghetti (with slices of hotdogs, he.he. remember, this is our home we’re talking about). we had leftover seafood from yesterday’s fiesta so i defrosted it and made some pinoy marinara sauce, although the base meat was from a can of tuna. he.he. i added some fresh tomatoes to perk up the canned spaghetti sauce. and it turned out good. 🙂

and what’s a holiday dinner without ham? this year, we tried a new product named “holiday” ham (how creative!). he.he. we tried it out for christmas dinner (junking the traditional purefoods fiesta ham) and we liked it a lot because it was tender and juicy (that tag actually comes from purefoods, ha.ha.). today, my mom and i spent quite some time chasing this ham. it was out of stock in sm and robinson’s, so we went to the cdo outlet store (no luck still!), and finally, we found it in walter-mart (not walmart). my mom must have been stressed out with the two-hour search because she bought two ham balls instead of one. 😀

i made a butter-dalandan juice-red wine-brown sugar reduction, dunked some black grapes and strawberry compote, and churned out a pretty good sauce for this year’s holiday’s holiday ham 🙂

happy new year!!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. cheche says:

    Now craving for your ginataan! Happy new year! 🙂


  2. Betis Boy says:

    happy new year, cheche! 🙂 all the best!


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    happy new year!!!!!

    hotdog with the seafood spaghetti … man, you're truly weird 😛

    that ham looks yummy with the glistening taba 🙂 but whatever those purple things are — yuk! they look like leeches! are those the black grapes?

    i want ginataan halo-halo, too … is that similar to the sampelot? we had that recently, when my aunt arrived from a visit to the philippines with sakobi and other ingredients 🙂


  4. Betis Boy says:

    ha.ha. but italian cooks can put slices of sausage in their seafood sauce? unfair! 😛

    he.he. yup those are the shrivelled black grapes. and that's sampelot actually, only without the gandus and bilo-bilo (she used sliced suman instead) and lots of small sakobi. 🙂


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