buko shake

the four long years of having to endure long lines in UP (University of Pila) in order to register for courses must have gotten wired in my brain that i naturally get drawn to queues and what they lead to. so one day, when i saw a line snaking somewhere within SM, i had to see where it ended. before i knew it, i was on the line myself waiting for my turn to buy what seemed to be the latest craze in town — buko shake! but this thing has been around since the dawn of time, and now people are literally lining up (consistently everytime i pass by that food stand)?! of course, i had to find out how good it was. here i was trying to rack up my brain for a unique business concept and then i get slapped by the roaring success of a simple buko shake food cart! 😛 that mba was a waste of time! he.he. 😛 (guess what? a “scramble” stand is also doing brisk business in the mall now, but that deserves a separate post.)

to be fair, this buko shake is good. a bit expensive, but then again, maybe because it’s sold in a mall (a regular bottle costs 40 bucks, a bigger one 50). imagine, during our time a whole buko costs 5 pesos! (on new year’s eve, a single cost 30 bucks. ha.ha. amazing.)

what’s in it? buko meat, evaporated milk, syrup, and ice, blended together. it’s your basic buko iced candy in shake form. i highly doubt that this is healthier than soda. i think they’re both up there in saccharine levels. kinda addictive, too. 😛


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    man, that's a good racket. reminds me of niño mulach's small ensaimadas that were a big hit way back when. they were just ensaimadas, just like the ones we grew up with, and yet those boxes were selling like hotcakes … er, warm ensaimadas? 😛

    is the “scramble” that pink slush that gives you a foam mustache? i was never allowed to eat that as a child. my mom said it was unsanitary 😛

    so, any ideas for your business yet?


  2. Betis Boy says:

    you got the scramble right. why didn't i get surprised that you weren't allowed to have that as a child? 😛


  3. rain says:

    thats my problem as of n0w, i want to start bussness together with my wife, but i donnu how.. I tried to search some ideas from the internet that the buko shake and that is one of the hit bussness on the philippines as of n0w, and i wonder how to create some ingredients called buko syrup.. Im talking to myself and saying(what the hell is that!).. Can please teach me how to make one of that or buko syrup? Ill go pay for that.. Thankyou.


  4. Guagua Girl says:

    hi rain, i'm not quite sure what you mean by buko syrup. usually with something like the buko shake, one would use buko juice, sugar and pandan leaves for a bit of flavor. i've seen other stores also add milk and i think that's what the shake above uses. hope this helps.


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