time wasters

and i’m not talking about FB 😛

i was organizing my bookmarks the other day; they’ve gotten out of hand. so i was weeding out stuff i didn’t need anymore and came across links to flash games i used to play all the time — net and tennis game. one is a puzzle, the other you compete against the computer. they’re wonderful procrastination tools 😉

the net is basically a power grid. the goal is to turn the blocks until all wires and devices are powered up. i like the net because you can make it as simple or as challenging as you want. also, you’re scored two ways: you need to complete the puzzle with as few moves as possible and in the fastest possible time.

tennis game is fun. the controls are pretty accurate. the only thing i would change is the ability to make the avatars look more like the players. but i guess that would mean licensing and all the legal and financial stuff … anyway, it takes a while to get hang of the controls but it’s a lot of fun when you do. different “players” have different strengths so you have to adjust your strategy when you change players. here i’m playing as tennis great martina navratilova against maria sharapova:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Betis Boy says:

    LOL on the FB comment. well, if you've got time to waste, waste it 😛

    that tennis game… only reminded me of the tennis game in atari 😀


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    i'm just saying … it's so easy to get lost in the articles and videos shared by friends on FB and not notice the time 😛

    yeah, that tennis game reminds of the games of old … but this is a bit of an upgrade from the classic pong, he he he


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