sinigang na ulo ng isda

after all the rich and creamy food of the christmas season, it’s time to clean our palates with the homey dishes that bring us comfort whether in ordinary days or special occasions. topping our list of these kinds of dishes is the sinigang na ulo ng isda.

my mom gets these fairly big fish heads (talakitok, i think, or maybe tanigue) from the fish dealers from bataan that supply the guagua market. just dump them in a clay pot, put water, sampaloc (or sinigang mix if there’s no fresh sampaloc available), labanos, okra, mustasa and sigarilyas, and bring to a boil. you can almost feel the hot, sour soup washing away the sins of yesterday (i.e., holday season) from your clogged arteries 🙂 of course it helps that this is taken with a hot plate of rice and a patis-sili sawsawan combo on the side 😛 the best parts of the fish are of course the eyes and the cheeks 🙂


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  1. CLAIRE ESPINA says:

    I cook this all the time, my children love it. Real, basic, comforting. I add ginger in mine sometimes if someone in the house is down with a cold. My fish of choice here in the US is Tuna or Salmon.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    oh, yes, atchi. ginger to remove the lansa/fishy taste. also the best part din pala is the jelly-like cartilage at the back of the eye socket. yup, sinigang na salmon head is also delicious! (haven't tried tuna yet.)


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    this looks great and would have been a perfect dish for me right now with another snowstorm on the way 🙂 i seem to remember bangus being used for the sinigang when we were in the philippines, but like atching claire, we use salmon here, too. haven't tried the tuna either.

    and my apu knew i've had the sinigang when she found the fish had all been deprived of their eyes 😀 i do like the fatty belly, too.


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