i’m not personally a fan of ox tripe used in kare-kare, because i like it better in callos, especially if it was cooked property — soft and tender, instead of chewy. my mom cooked some recently, while it was good, somehow the kind of chorizo bilbao (bilbao sausages) that she used seemed to make the dish lack a bit of character. my palate has been used to the purefoods brand of chorizo bilbao (rich and spicy), but it was out of stock so she used the king sue brand instead. this made a huge difference, on the debit side though.
do you like this dish?

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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    not a big fan of tripe. am very picky about it. has to be cleaned really well and yeah, cooked properly so it doesn't feel like you're chewing rubber. uncooked tripe also has a smell that can be nauseating. i think my mom blanches and uses vinegar to get out the baung mabange (stinky smell). did you know tripe is also called libro? or at least, some types of tripe are called libro because the sides, when cut, actually look like stacked pages? mom uses the ones that have the honeycomb look, though.

    and yes, the kind of chorizo in dishes really makes a huge difference. i think i told you i like the del rey brand for my chicken pastel. but one time, i had to go with something else and it just didn't do anything to the dish — no color, no flavor. ugh!


  2. Betis Boy says:

    you know where tripe is the best? goto! i read somewhere that some parts of the US used to pickle tripe. yikes!


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