the snow just keeps on coming

Heading out of the office

i meant to post this last night but was sooo tired after a work and, before that, 2 hours of shoveling. anyway, wednesday night, we had a big snowstorm. forecast changed from hour to hour — from up to a foot, to up to 7 inches, then it was 4 and then it was back up to a foot again. i think in the end the range was more like a foot to 18 inches across the area you can see a bit of it from the photo above. it’s never a good thing when i have to use a shovel to get snow off the roof of my car.

but that wasn’t even the worst part. nope, that was the drive home. there was zero, nil, nada visibility. but the road i use to get home is pretty much a straight shot, so as long as i stayed within 10 feet of the guard rail, i knew i was fine. my biggest concern was getting stuck in the snow … when i got past the main road and into our village, i thought i was fine. less than half a mile from my place, this big truck ahead got stuck in the snow, it’s wheels spinning madly and ineffectively. that meant, everyone behind the truck had to stop because there were no other paths cleared, only the middle of the road (good thing no one was coming from the other way). unfortunately, we were going slightly uphill. after 15 minutes or so of wheels spinning without going anywhere (except backwards; we were also sliding a little), my phone rings. it’s T, who just got home and was calling to warn me about the road. told her the only reason i was able to respond was because i was already stuck. believe me, i wondered if i had to abandon my car or call 911. i don’t know if it was comforting that there were 4 other vehicles on the road with me.

after several attempts at reversing and driving, i finally got traction and managed to pull myself out (thanking all the saints i prayed to). picked up taani after a couple of blocks. my awesome friend was bringing me newspapers (they can help when you’re stuck in snow like that). of course, trying to get to my parking spot was another matter. we’ve had so much snow that the new stuff just piles on top of the old stuff.

i’m seriously sick of this bad weather. i think i already mentioned this is the worst winter i’ve seen. we’ve already blown past the annual snowfall record — WITH 2 MORE MONTHS OF THE SEASON TO GO!!! aaaargh! am dreaming of somewhere warm and breezy with sand and surf …


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Betis Boy says:

    i feel for you. just thinking of having a two-hour workout (shoveling snow) before going to work stresses the hell out of me. and please be careful when you drive blindly. and keep your cellphone always charged.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    opu, tatang 😉


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