kropek 2.0

i remember your recent post on kropek when i saw some of these in our ref. these fish crackers, essentially kropek but shaped like small asteroids (he.he.) used to be one of my favorite tsitsirya (chips). they usually were sold unbranded, but now can you believe these are already sold inside the mall (well, on second thought, that’s kinda easy to believe, considering that buko juice, scramble, kwekwek, fishballs and tukneneng are now sold inside shopping malls).

it’s best paired with a cold drink of course, this time with some dalanghita (philippine tangerine) iced tea. while you had kropek while watching football, i ate this while watching an ongoing hearing in congress regarding corruption in the philippine government (our national sport).


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    they're holding congressional hearings on corruption?!?! lawmakers won't be able to do anything else then because i'm sure this will go on forever 😛

    was watching the news last night at the 'rents and former soldiers were talking about difficulties in getting their benefits started once they leave the force and this general gets a “baon” of P50 million?!?! ugh!


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    oh and yes, i like this version of kropek, too 🙂 but i'd like some of that dalanghita iced tea, please (i actually just made some lemon iced tea myself — yes in the middle of a blizzard)


  3. Betis Boy says:

    oh, sorry, i meant they were holding a hearing on corruption in government, specifically the military (yeah, and that alleged 50 million pabaon is just loose change). hay.

    one dalanghita iced tea coming up!


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