embutido part deux

i saw a few rolls of embutido at the fil-am store over the weekend and i suddenly developed a craving. actually, i’ve had the craving since this post and we didn’t have embutido during the holidays because mom wasn’t well. so, i bought a roll ($7.99 — go ahead, make your mental calculations), brought it home and quickly started slicing and frying pieces. the verdict: “meh.”

first of all, whoever made it used a food processor and so it was way too smooth. i want my embutido to be rough and to show chunks of ham, cheese, luncheon meat, raisins, etc. second, it was sweet. there’s supposed to be a sweet element (pickles, raisins) but the whole thing is not supposed to be sweet. third, i want the sauce and it didn’t have any.

still, with pan de sal, it made for an OK slider 🙂 i’ll just have to see if my mom can make us some soon.

BTW, this is the first official post from my new baby — macbook pro!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Betis Boy says:

    looks more like canned meat loaf than embutido 🙂 but looks good as bread filling though.


  2. Guagua Girl says:

    it does look like canned meatloaf! LOL! i don't think i'll be buying it again.


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