i blogged about tocino a few days ago, so what couldn’t be far behind? longganisa of course! 🙂 these were made in pampanga so they were definitely sweet and garlicky (as opposed to the sour and spicy versions from ilocos, which are also very good). again, the rendered fat makes for a perfect base for garlic fried rice to have this dish with. 😀 oh, the preservatives we put into our bodies! i’m still wondering why up to now, no capampangan corpse has yet been found and mistakenly declared a saint. (he.he.). we take in meat preservatives from the get go.

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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    sweet and garlicky definitely! i've tried the sweet italian sausages here and while they're also quite good, i'd go with our longganisa any day of the week 😀 that rendered fat is just awesome — so unhealthy, and yet so wonderfully good.


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