burger! burger!

ha.ha. we’re doing the junk food route today. (one of our readers won’t be pleased. he.he.) anyway, from burger king, the land of the whopper, comes these small burgers (similar to white castle’s sliders there, at least in size, because i haven’t tasted those) that one can finish in one bite, or two. you remember the pandelemon of yesteryears? yup, they are those size. they are sold in two’s, with drinks and fries (all for a hundred bucks). you can get either hamburgers in barbecue sauce and onions or this one, chicken fillet and cheese. i like the burgers better. (obviously since i finished them before remembering to take a photo. he.he.)


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  1. claire espina says:

    And I have a burger once a year. I have never been a fast food foodie… My children take bets about how often I will have a burger. And when I do, I like the In & Out Cheese Burger. But a dear friend loves the Carl's Junior Western Bacon Cheeseburger. He asked me to bring him some as pasalubong. I never understood that craving.


  2. Betis Boy says:

    Wow, I didn't know Carl's Junior was still around. But the worst pasalubong is a burger. It tastes like cardboard after a few minutes. I wonder how your friend resuscitated it πŸ˜€

    When I was working, atchi i lived the life of Upsize Me. obviously, it worked 😦


  3. Guagua Girl says:

    haven't had a burger in a while. not craving those as much as i did when i was a kid and my mom said i was doing “simbang burger.” basically, my prize for behaving at church was a jollibee burger, he he he. that's still my favorite burger, BTW.

    atche, i've read much about in&out. is it really that good? it's always on the list of the best burgers in the country. there's a burger chain (if you can call 2 branches a chain) here in NYC called shake shack and it definitely rivals that of jollibee πŸ˜€


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